Mikros is a range of biological products designed for boosting farm productivity. Using the latest breakthroughs in microbial technology,Mikros offers cost-effective solutions to overcome challenges faced by farmers all over the world.

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Mikros – Introduction

mikros   Introduction to Mikros
Whether you are a fish farmer in Vietnam, an organic vegetable producer in India, an organic-fertilizer manufacturer in Philippines or a livestock farmer in Malaysia, Mikros is your solution to significantly enhance your yields and reduce your environmental problems.

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Mikros for Agriculture

The Mikros agriculture range consists of microbial products for making high-performing organic compost and precision bio-organic fertilizers which promotes plant growth.

Compos Mikros COMPOS
This is an inoculant for rapid transformation of a wide variety of waste materials into compost.

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Agriboost Mikros AgriBOOST
This consists of rhizobacteria for stimulating beneficial root micro-flora, promoting plant growth and enhancing nutrient absorption and availability. It is applicable to a large variety of crops, cereals, root crops, vegetables, fruits and ornamental plants.

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Mikros for Aquaculture

The Mikros range of solutions BioPOND, NUTRI and AquaCLEAN have been tested extensively in successive grow-outs in commercial aquaculture farms in Asia ranging from 5 hectares to 50 hectares. They have also been tested under different water conditions – varying pH and salinity – and when used in tandem, they consistently show superior water quality, higher productivity gains in ABW and FCR vs. the standards claimed by commercial feed manufacturers for L. vannamei, P. monodon, M. rosenbergii, tilapia,catfish and milkfish cultures.

nutri Mikros NUTRI
This is an aqua-feed additive which promotes faster growth and lower feed consumption of aquaculture species.

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biopond Mikros BioPOND
This is a microbial consortium which stimulates enhanced oxidation of organic compounds in aquaculture pond water column and bottom.

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aquaclean Mikros AquaCLEAN
This is a microbial product which degrades and transforms organic and inorganic pollutants in pond water. It is used for pond preparation prior to seeding and also for cleaning reservoirs.

Mikros for the Environment

tinto Mikros TINTO
This is a microbial product for reducing odours of organic origin.

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hydros Mikros HYDROS
This is a microbial product to bio-augment indigenous microbial populations for the degradation and transformation of organic and inorganic pollutants in water. HYDROS is effective in reducing organic load and odor removal in septic systems found in households and commercial establishments.

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