Solutions for Bioremediation

IMO Labs offer a range of innovative biological products for the biodegradation of toxic hydrocarbon and chemcial wastes. With tightening environmental regulations, these products offer a cost-effective and viable way of resolving the persistent and potential costly problems associated with compliance to the regulations.

The range of bioremediation products include:

  • Methanomix. Methanogenic microbial inoculants for anaerobic digestion of starch-based, plantation and animal wastes to produce bio-gas and alcohols.
  • Degremix. Microbial consortia for degradation of oily and processed sludge with diesels, gasoline and light oils as byproducts.
  • Phenomix. Customised microbial consortia for degradation of toxic chemicals such as adrox, phenolic compounds and paints.