Aquaculture feed represents the most significant production cost item for an aqua-farm. Furthermore, the quantity and quality of aquaculture feeds are primary factors influencing growth of the cultured species impacting its Average Body Weight (ABW) and Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR), the nitrogen loading of the water environment, and disease proliferation which in turn affects the survivability rate.

IMO Labs has spent over 10 years researching, developing and testing solutions for aquaculture. IMO Labs has developed three products in the Mikros range to help farmers face their challenges. In addition to this, IMO Labs has also integrated these 3 products into industry best practices to come up with a biological system for sustainable and enhanced aquaculture. This system can be customised and adapted to existing farms. The underlying principle of IMO Labs’ aquaculture solutions and system is the use of microorganisms to generate and control marine aggregates called “bio-flocs” in the ponds and reservoirs. The bio-flocs represent a very effective way to manage waste water in many different situations and IMO Labs offer research services to apply the bio-flocs to solve specific problems as and when required by customers.

Mikros for Aquaculture

The Mikros range of solutions BioPOND, NUTRI and AquaCLEAN have been tested extensively in successive grow-outs in commercial aquaculture farms in Asia ranging from 5 hectares to 50 hectares. They have also been tested under different water conditions – varying pH and salinity – and when used in tandem, they consistently show superior water quality, higher productivity gains in ABW and FCR vs. the standards claimed by commercial feed manufacturers for L. vannamei, P. monodon, M. rosenbergii, tilapia,catfish and milkfish cultures.

nutri Mikros NUTRI
This is an aqua-feed additive which promotes faster growth and lower feed consumption of aquaculture species.

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biopond Mikros BioPOND
This is a microbial consortium which stimulates enhanced oxidation of organic compounds in aquaculture pond water column and bottom.

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