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Bionovar operates an aquaculture test bed in Sitiawan, Malaysia. The test bed is used for conducting research work of the Bionovar's latest technologies and field testing to validate protocols and product effectiveness deployed in the BioSEA system.

  FLS Aquaculture Sdn Bhd is the BioSEA licensee in Malaysia, Thailand and Brunei. FLS Aquauculture currently owns a 150-hectare aquaculture farm in Pekan, Malaysia. As Bionovar's licensee, FLS Aquaculture is sub-licensing the BioSEA technology to other aqua- farmers in its territory and at the same time, pursuing its own farming projects. With the expertise from Bionovar, FLS Aquauculture has successfully raised funds for prawn farming projects with a total cultivable area of 50 hectares.

Today, there are 5 prawn farms in Malaysia operating under the BioSEA license.



Bionovar is currently working with a local partner to farm tiger prawns in North Karnataka, India using an adapted form of the BioSEA system. The system used is adapted to extensive prawn farming and has shown to significantly enhance the yields obtained by extensive systems.




Bionovar is starting up a prawn farm in China to showcase the BioSEA system. The farm is located in Wu Chuan City in Southern China. Operations are scheduled to commence in the fourth quarter of 2008. 




Bionovar has completed a project in the Mekong Delta to study the impact of the BioSEA system on tilapia and catfish breeding. Initial results are very encouraging and Bionovar is in discussion with local parties to commence a prawn farm in Vietnam. 

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